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Junty’s 21st Anniversary Annual Meeting

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        On January 16, 2021, Junty held its 21st anniversary conference and celebration. This past year has been one that saw people from around the world banding together to fight the pandemic, and everyone has seen dramatic changes in their daily lives. The employees of Junty, however, have overcome these difficulties and maintained normal operations of the company.

        At the meeting, President Brian Deng presented an analysis of both the current standing and future projections of Junty and pointed out that there is much room for development in international business within the context of China’s “dual circulation” policy. We believe that in the new year, Junty can strive to reach new heights.

        The heads of various departments reported on relevant developments. Outstanding employees were presented with on-site awards. At the conclusion of the meeting, everyone enjoyed refreshments and organized entertainment activities.




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