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Junty Team Building-Buddha blessing in Wutai Mountain

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From July 2-5, 2016, most employees of Junty and their families (totally around 50 people) traveled to Wutai Mountain and experienced the Dharma Assembly. 

Mount Wutai is located in the northeastern part of Shanxi province, 350 KM from Beijing. It is one of China's four famous Buddhist Mountains, along with Mount Emei in Sichuan province, Mount Jiuhua in Anhui province, and Mount Putuo in Zhejiang province. Because of its cold climate, even in midsummer days, Mount Wutai is known as the "Cool Mountain". 

We arrived at Wutai Mountain in the afternoon of July 2nd, and we stayed at the Xiantong Temple or the hotel beside the temple. The Dharma assembly started at 8 o'clock the next morning. According to Buddha Shakyamuni, if someone offers to support thousands of monks simultaneously, at least one real arhat will appear and accept this support. By taking part in this activity, Junty gave its best wishes and blessings to all of us and our families. 

After the Dharma assembly activity, grandmaster Miaoshan, a master from the temple gave us a brief introduction on Buddhist culture. His enlightening speech injected us with a fresh outlook on life. 

In our remaining two days at Mount Wutai, we visited many famous scenic spots, including Tayuan Temple (White Temple), Dailuoding Temple, Bodhisattva Temple, and Wuye Temple, as well as the mountain's beautiful summit. 

At Junty, our team culture is accumulating increasingly by this kind of activities. We look forward to taking another fantastic trip together next time. 



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