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JUNTY 2017 Annual Meeting Summary

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JUNTY held the 17th annual meeting on Jan. 15th 2017 in Beijing


VP Mrs. Liu Ying first presented company's operation performance of 2016. JUNTY's two core business segments (seals and rotary unions) had achieved huge progress. Environmental protection business reached a breakthrough. Mrs. Liu then summarized and approved all departments' work performance, and brought up the new goal for 2017.


President Mr. Deng Yuan reviewed JUNTY's history and encouraged all employees to be responsible, confident and active. Meanwhile, Mr. Deng set the marketing goal and work goal for 2017, and mentioned the work emphasis which are optimizing management procedure and exploring new business opportunities.


After that, all supervisors presented their work of the departments they are in charge of.


In the afternoon, the company awarded prizes to many employees with good work records. A special prize was awarded to ERP team members to celebrate the ERP system gets officially implemented within the company.


Finally, President Mr. Deng concluded that people will be assigned more work only if they are responsible, and encouraged everyone to actively look for solutions to solve the problem.


The meeting was followed by dinner and evening party, and was ended in a happy atmosphere.





Junty Team Building-Buddha blessing in Wutai Mountain



JUNTY held two team building activities in May 2017:


1."Cheng Du" Trip from May 14th-17th


JUNTY members visited Jinli and Wuhou Ci right after arriving to Cheng Du, and we tried the local specialty "Hotpot" to experience its spicy and hot. On the second day, we visited a very famous water conservancy project "Dujiangyan Irrigation System" and "Mount Qingcheng" which is the origin of Taoism. After dinner, we shared our feelings about work and life. Everyone had achieved a lot by working for JUNTY and we believe JUNTY will have a bright future.


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